S4 POLE HUG PENCIL 0.1 by JOLIN KARI pole sports

10 Oct 2017 07:37390

S4 POLE HUG PENCIL 0.1 by JOLIN KARI of @pole_stars_osnabrueck pole_stars_osnabrueck for the CRACK THE CODE CHALLENGE ・・・ 💥CRACK THE CODE CHALLENGE - VIDEO EDITION
We have exciting POLE NEWS and we want YOU to be a part of it! We are building a VIDEO catalogue of ALL CODE MOVES to include the largest and most comprehensive catalogue of FREE pole tutorials! In this IPSF CRACK THE CODE CHALLENGE, we invite YOU to teach pole to a global pole community of millions and growing! Help teach and shape the future the pole! We are looking for ALL LEVELS polers and it doesn’t matter which level you are, or how old you are, only that you can demonstrate the move correctly.
🔹Choose your move from this month’s challenge
1st September - 30th September - FLEXIBILITY & DOUBLES (SYN)
🔹Film your move making sure it adheres to the challenge rules
🔹Download the IPSF drawing
Stitch your video to the drawing
🔹Post the high-quality video on Instagram with the following:
🔺Code number and Code name
🔺Tag @ipsfpolesports
🔺Hash Tag #crackthecode & #ipsf
🔺Your full name
If your video is successfully listed in the catalogue on IPSF.TV your video will be credited with a post on Instagram and Facebook
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